Monthly Archives: July 2010


Recently our CD wrote a script when he was drunk.

I read it when I was sober, and it was brilliant. Beautifully written (and he’s an art director), it had a natural, organic flow to it that just seemed to work.

The idea was only ok, though. That was the bit we had to think more about when we were sober.

Which made me think: does our instinctive mind work better when we’re pissed?

Clearly our conscious mind doesn’t. Reaction times suffer. We make worse decisions in many ways.

But what about the part of our brain that makes connections? Writes poems? Has ideas?

Are we more creative when we’re pissed? Or less creative? Is there some kind of ideal oscillation between drunken execution and sober organisation?

And if so, can we start having free wine in agencies, please?