Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Devil Has The Best Tunes

Sodding Fox news. If you’re a good liberal like me, you probably hate it. But it works – because it’s entertaining.

And the trouble with liberals really is that they have no eye or ear for entertainment. Entertainment involves simplification. It involves exaggeration. It involves appealing to old-fashioned moral systems like good and evil.

All a bit rightwing, non?

Watching the Lib Dems on Straight Talk, on the BBC on the 23rd of July (if you saw it), I was struck with the same thought. They’re very good. Very reasonable. Everyone always thinks so. But no one wants them to lead.

Could that be because they aren’t entertaining, charismatic leaders? They’re consultants. To win you have to be entertaining. And currently the Republicans Tories devils have all the best tunes.