Not nailing it

Not profound, just a cock-up.

Watching a fascinating programme about oil rigs on Five (honest), I saw an ad for Toolstation, a DIY catalogue. The bit you remember, though, is the VO saying “Nail it!” in a sort of laddish, alpha voice. My girlfriend picked up on it – you don’t remember Toolstation, you remember the slogan.

So we wondered: what happens if you google “nail it”? Presumably they’ll have made sure they bought that as a search term?

Not really. In fact, what happens is you get this.

Oops. There’s a company called “Nail It.” Admittedly, they specialise in damaged nails of the human variety, rather than the engineering, and it isn’t available in the UK any more. But still. There’s no sign of Toolstation anywhere in the first three pages of Google. Major search strategy fail.


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