Simplicity Versus Complexity

Here’s a counterintuitive thought: as things get more complicated, they get more intuitive. Well, some things. A lot of games now seem more intuitive than the ones I played on my Amiga 500. The iPod – and most things made by Apple – are complex internally but simple on the outside. High resolution graphics are more complex, but easier to understand.

Why? Probably because they’re better maps of reality. More code under the hood means things are easier to interact with because you need to bring less code of your own.

Probably obvious for a games designer, but not for a simple brand planner who’s always trying to reduce everything to some kind of single-word essence.

Maybe we should try to make brands as complex and rich as possible? Especially if we want to make them instinctively attractive, intuitive, and more like real, analogue people.


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